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Whether you have a cold, seasonal flu, or Coronavirus, there are a few things you can do to take care of yourself. It is very important to take care of your mouth. A healthy mouth is a gateway to a healthy body. If you need a dentist in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai please get in touch.

Practice good hygiene

Practising good hygiene on a daily basis has so many health benefits. Remember, you should never share your toothbrush with anyone else. The flu virus can live on moist surfaces for up to 72 hours. To prevent spreading the virus, make sure you are the only one using your toothbrush. If you have had your toothbrush for three to four months, it’s time to throw it out and replace it with a new one. Once you have recovered after an illness in addition to cleaning and disinfecting the house, you need to toss that toothbrush, which could act as a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and viruses!

Wash your hands before cleaning your teeth

It is really important to clean your hands for at least 20 seconds BEFORE you start brushing, flossing or interdental brushes. Otherwise, you will be transferring bacteria or viruses from your hands into your mouth and potentially infecting yourself! See the WHO guidance on how to clean your hands properly.

Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables

Over 80% of your immune system is in the gut, so when it’s healthy, we tend to be able to fight off infections faster and better.  Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats. There is lots of research in taking Vitamin D and C supplements. Avoid sugar and processed foods.

Choose the right fluids

Water is your best friend. It is the safest thing to drink and will help to replenish your body. If you’re craving extra comfort and want a hot drink, try a hot tea without sugar or sweeteners. Avoid hot water with lemon and sugar, as this is very acidic and will damage your teeth. The sugar will also fuel cavity-causing bacteria.

Avoid having a dry mouth

When you’re under the weather, you may feel that you get a dry mouth quite often. Having a dry mouth can actually put you at a greater risk of developing cavities. Make sure to drink plenty of water. You can also try chewing on sugar-free gum, which will help activate your saliva glands and increase your saliva production, keeping your mouth moist.

Choose sugar free medicines

If you need short-term medication, choose things such as sugar-free cough and throat sweets. Make sure you check the ingredients before you buy, as many contain sugar and artificial sweeteners such as fructose and corn syrup. The same goes for pain medication such as Calpol, get the sugar free version.

What to do after vomiting

Vomiting can be an unfortunate symptom. If you vomit, you may feel like you want to go and brush your teeth right away. However, it’s actually better to rinse with water for 30 seconds before brushing. After vomiting, your stomach acid can come back up and leave a coating on the teeth. If you brush straight away, you’ll be brushing the acid around the enamel potentially wearing it down. Enamel is very important, as it acts as the protective outer shell of your teeth.

There is a connection between your oral and your overall health. When you take the necessary steps to maintain oral health, there’s a good chance your entire body will benefit. Make sure to see your dentist regularly, as well, for a professional check-ups and cleaning with your hygienist.

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Tooth whitening (termed tooth bleaching when utilizing bleach), is either restoration of natural tooth shade or whitening beyond natural tooth shade, depending on the definition used.

Restoration of the underlying, natural tooth shade is possible by simply removing surface (extrinsic) stains (e.g. from tea, coffee, red wine and tobacco) and calculus (tartar). This is achieved by having the teeth cleaned by a dental professional (commonly termed “scale and polish”.