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Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening (bleaching) is a safe and effective procedure by which stained, yellow, dull teeth can be whitened to give a brighter, dazzling smile. Bleaching can actually change the tooth colour anywhere from 5 to 7... even up to 12 shades brighter.

At Dr Belokar’s Dental clinic we offer a highly professional teeth whitening service which is tailored to the individual and will ensure safe treatment and impressive results. Tooth whitening is a minimally invasive, safe and rewarding aesthetic solution for people displaying tooth discolouration.

We can help you whiten your teeth in several ways:

  • Professional Tooth Cleaning is often sufficient for removing most external stains. This is usually the first step in the process and our experienced hygienists will ensure you have a comfortable, thorough cleaning session and can recommend a home care regime to get the most out of your whitening procedure.
  • Home Teeth Whitening Using custom fabricated whitening trays, we will design a protocol for you to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your home with a range of different strength whitening gels for different lengths of time to minimize sensitivity and maximize results. Most individuals achieve their desired result within 3-4 weeks and you have control of your end result.

There is no health risk to patient, weakening or other damage to tooth enamel, with properly supervised professional tooth whitening.

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